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Make drawing

Mechatronics, application technology:

Maintenance of conveyor systems.
Tool and press fitter.
Net packing machine assembly.
Mechatronics engineer / technician for high-voltage switchgear.
Mechatronics technician / Service of slot machines.
Plant and machine modification.
Setting and cabling of electrical equipment
Components design / experimental mechanics
Special bicycle construction
Piping construction for filling units (Site Management)
Steel construction (intake structure) in power plant (section management)
Presses (80/100 MN press)
Glass vaporizing systems
Painting plants

Products for disabled and elderly people:
Parts manufacturing and assembly for a pulling equipment for a handicapped person.
Technical manager for stair lifts at Royal.
Consulting, measurement, installation and service of elevators, stair lifts, platform lifts and lifting platforms. Various clients / Stairlift Association. (No sales)

Device / Product Development:
Revise and develop the components of the pulling equipment for a handicapped person.
Development of products for magicians from sample to building in series
(animation techniques).

Tools for plastic thermoforming. Construction / improvement.

Consultation and documentation:
Technical Department for plants, lifts and stairs (DEHU).
Analysis and interpretation of measurements of cassettes after hot bed treatment
(Philips Wetzlar).

Development of operating procedures and improvements.
Create and revise reports and documentations (manuals).
Technical drawings with CAD (PC-Draft, Caddy, AutoCAD)
MS Office, MS Project, Coral Draw, Internet, ... .

Rights, prototypes:
Patent application for a ball differential (DE 43 13 877 A1).
Application for protection for an ergonomic keyboard (No. 298 04 683.0).
Prototype for own use and according to customer’s order.
Protection law and patent matters (technical) according to customer’s order.
Construction of a prototype for beverage packaging (SIG Combibloc).

Parent NC and CNC programming (irrespective of manufacturer)
Contacts already with Deckel, Weiler, Heidenhain, ... .
Parent PLC programming (FBD / LAD) (irrespective of manufacturer),
Contacts already with Siemens S7, S5, logo, Allen Bradly, epis ... .
Macros and programs in BASIC.
Programming, hardware processes (relay control, pneumatic, hydraulic)
VPS (Connection Programmable Logic Controllers)

Solids recycling, waste recycling:
For several companies (office, banking, security and engineering),
in part because of construction of new plants.
Other skills:
Demolition and dismantling
House renovations and installing
Kitchen / Removal technology
Drywall projects with foundations and installations
Interior design, formwork and scaffolding
Felling risktrees by climbing the tree
Composite stone laying work with channel and substructure
Plasticformingand processing
Collectandanalyzereports onbicycles,innovative technology andrecycling
Audiovisualediting(lighting and sound, music, choreography, ...)

Certificates,training, seminars:
Class 3 driving license
AdAcertificate (training of trainers)
BasicsLASER technology
Fundamentals of liquid dosing
Quality management (QMF /QMB)
Basics ofeconomic andfinancial services
Hydraulics and pneumatics
Reading circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, diagrams, drawings, sketches,
                     notes,flow charts, formulas, ...and their application